This site is still under development... please check back soon as more pages will be added. For now, most of what you'll need can be found at the project page on sourceforge. You can find the tutorial on how to use this program on the menu to the left, as well as a list of supported cutters and plotters.

About Inkcut

Inkcut is a free program for cutting vinyl and plotting vectors in ubuntu linux. Inkcut sends HPGL directly to a vinyl cutter or plotter via a serial or printer connection. It is free and easy to install and use and it currently is implemented as an extension for the Inkscape SVG editor.



You can download the most recent version v1.0.

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To install on linux, simply extract the contents of the package into /home/your_username/.config/inkscape/extensions/

Before starting, ensure that the target machine has the required dependencies

  • pygtk and gtk
  • pyserial
  • librsvg2-common

Assuming the tar.gz archive is saved in your Downloads folder, you can use this command to install it. Replace InkCut-1.0.tar.gz with the archive name.
tar -xzvf Downloads/InkCut-1.0.tar.gz -C .config/inkscape/extensions/

Then restart all instances of inkscape.


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